Ramadan has arrived! Ramadan is synonymous with the number of gathering events with friends and relatives. This is also what can indirectly affect the amount of expenditure. So, what is the solution like? The best way is to control the budget with posts with the theme of Ramadan, as well as several other ways that you can practice.


Consistent with the Regular Budget

Control your spending

Making a monthly budget is one of the best ways to reduce spending. Budgets with regular expenditures such as those carried out in other months should be carried out regularly. Don’t forget to arrange between monthly bills, investments, savings, and daily expenses according to their respective priorities. The most noticeable thing during Ramadan is usually food expenditure and expenses to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. To get around spending on food posts and holidays, you can reduce your budget and save more for other expenses, so that your flow of expenses stays balanced.


Control your spending

Usually the desire and appetite for shopping will explode during the month of Ramadan. So many people shop, especially targeting clothing and electronic goods. If you still want to manage finances well in Ramadan, you should really be able to hold back and really choose the things needed before being bought. Shopping posts are often prioritized during Ramadan, this is what often makes people get out of control, easy to drain the contents of savings, and credit card debt piles up.

The second way you can control your finances is to find cheap shopping places for the items you want. You can shop online to save more money.


Break Fasting Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

Break Fasting Doesn

The moment of Ramadan is often used to open together with loved ones, be it family, high school friends reunion, college friends, coworkers, and much more. But you should also keep the bag so that it does not break down because of too much hospitality. Remember there are still other costs that must be borne until the end of the month of Ramadan, for example transportation costs for going home, shopping for Eid al-Fitr needs such as clothes and other necessities, etc. When you do not open together with friends / relatives, choose a break fast menu that is more economical. No need for a menu that is too varied and luxurious, the important thing is that you feel enough and the menu is nutritious, and not lacking in fluids. Breaking fast doesn’t need to be expensive, right?


Expenditures for Holidays

When holidays arrive, usually expenses that appear tend to soar compared to other days in Ramadan. Friendship events are of course not free from the costs incurred, such as the costs of menus served to welcome guests. Do not miss Lebaran cakes, home decorations, clothes on holidays. To get around the way to manage finances in the month of Ramadan, there’s no harm in you starting to look for recipes to be able to serve your own food, without having to buy from outside which is certainly more expensive. Not to forget, the cost of parcels is also often one of the expenditures that are often high. You can also work around this by making your own parcel with a much simpler model. You can also change the contents of the parcel with other alternative options that are cheaper, and not limited to food.


Homecoming fees

Expenditures for Holidays

The exact cost of going out during Eid is the cost of going home. Usually when the holiday season like this airplane ticket, train, hotel, everything will definitely go up and the bag will swell. Book tickets in advance, and don’t be lazy to do price comparisons so you can cut costs as much as possible.


Allocate THR Properly

What else is waiting for during Ramadan, except for the Holidays Allowance! The thirteenth salary does tend to give happiness itself. The right THR allocation can help you to settle payments for priority matters. Always prioritize allocating THR to important things such as paying off debts that are still in arrears, then move to start fulfilling the needs of Eid Al-Fitr. Don’t forget, don’t forget to leave money for zakat and savings.


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