Danes spend so much money on vacation,If you are not one of the lucky ones who have the great holiday budget, you can consider taking a holiday loan so that you have a little extra pocket money on your holiday. However, we recommend that you only take out a holiday loan if you have enough air in your finances to pay off the loan in the future.

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You should set a budget

You should set a budget

Whether you have spent a lot of money on flights and hotels and therefore want to save a little on the holiday itself, or you just want to keep your consumption down a bit, we recommend that you put a budget for the holiday.

By calculating how much money you can actually “allow” you to spend on the journey, it becomes easier for you to comply.

Make priorities

Make priorities

When you want to save on the journey, you should ask yourself what is most important to spend money on. Is it delicious gourmet food, experiences, clothes or anything else?

When you are on holiday, you can tend to buy a lot of things that you really do not need. Therefore, if you want to keep your budget on holiday, you should think before you buy and prioritize what you really want to spend money on.

Keep consumption down

Keep consumption down

It is also a good idea to make a plan for how much money you will spend on food. In this way you can eat extra delicious and expensive some of the days, but save on the food the other days.

It is also a good idea that you plan from home, how much money you, for example, pay. max. want to spend on clothes or other consumption.

Of course, this does not mean that you should not enjoy the holiday at all, but there is often money to save if you are just aware of how much money actually spends.

Eat with the locals

It is often cheaper to eat in the local places compared to some of the more touristy places. It is a good idea to study from home what good eateries are at your holiday destination that do not eat your entire budget.

Raise money from home

If you want cash on your vacation, you should exchange them from home so you don’t spend extra money on ATMs abroad.

There are also many destinations where you can actually use your Dankort directly in the shops, which costs less in fee than in the ATMs.

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